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Hello and welcome! I am completely obsessed with drawing and telling stories. One of my favorite things to draw is Japanese style comics, and recently I've also created "Webtoons style" vertical scroll full-color comics. I also enjoy creating illustrations using both traditional and digital methods. My favorite tools are Clip Studio Paint EX, Photoshop CC, XP-Pen Innovator 16 tablet, pencils, colored pencils, Copic Sketch markers, and watercolors.

My other interests include 80s synth music, retro video games (DOOM & DOOM II!), baking, exercise, and anything and everything to do with nature. I love dark chocolate, daydreaming about stories and characters, and--mostly--spending time with my husband and two-year-old son.

Please enjoy viewing my art and feel free to contact me with commission requests!


Thousands of hours and immeasurable passion have been poured into these page. I hope you enjoy!

Unbreakable Bond

Unbreakable Bond

Drama, Supernatural, Sci-fi     PG-13     Ongoing

Jeremy was once a champion Olympic swimmer. Now he's known throughout this world as nothing but a cheater. But Alarel isn't from this world. And Alarel's been through hardships, too. So what happens when they meet and learn of the bond they've shared since before they were born? Life keeps you on your toes when your best friend is an alien.

The Way to Your Heart

The Way to Your Heart

Romance, Drama     PG-13     Ongoing

Yumi, a book-smart girl with zero experience with boys, has just transferred to the prestigious St. Othello Academy. She quickly discovers the four attractive musicians of the aspiring rock band Orochi truly make it a unique place. As Yumi traverses her new school and literally bumps into Miyabi, Orochi's rather ill-tempered but supremely talented vocalist, a roller coaster of tension, angst, and passion sets off at full speed.



Sci-fi, Thriller     PG     2018

A young amnesiac man awakens on a shuttle filled with aliens headed to a prison in the depths of space. He learns his new 'home' is a death camp where countless beings from across the universe are sent to mine precious element deposits in asteroids and fight in a bloody arena. He befriends other humans who assist him throughout his trials and soul-searching as they band together to survive and retain their humanity in a world where obedience permits life and everyone is a murderer.



Heartwarming     G     2015

This is a short "silent" comic about a benevolent light-emitting being and a young boy who form an unlikely friendship deep in space.

White Ribbon

White Ribbon

Heartwarming     G     2010

This is a short, sentimental story about a boy, a girl, and a little white ribbon that symbolizes hope and purity.

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle

Romance     G     2005

Heeding a message sent from across the sea, Jenny travels to meet the one who sent a message in a bottle years ago.

Message in a Bottle

Charmed Reality

Supernatural     G     2004

Two friends are co-creating a story about an alternate fantasy realm of their real lives. But when a special charm is introduced, the friends begin to notice their fiction is becoming all too real.


My various art galleries with work spanning over two decades.

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I would love to draw something for you!

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Send your request along with any reference material to emily.muto@gmail.com with the subject "Commission Request." I will let you know through email the price of your request, which you can pay for through my PayPal.me page. Once payment is received I will begin working on your request and email it to you as a high quality 300 DPI .jpg image once complete.

**PLEASE NOTE: final price will be determined by the complexity of your request and I WILL NOT draw NSFW content, or anything I feel uncomfortable with.**


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